Dr Pran Boolaky - Prof Audit & Governance BA, MBA (Edin), FCA, PhD, FRSA, FICA

Partner- Risk, Compliance and Professional Development

T: + 230 207 0600
M: + 230 210 7878
E: Pranboolaky@nexia.mu
Responsibility: Risk, Compliance and Professional Development department

Pran has over 25 years of professional experience gained at Nexia Baker & Arenson, Grant Thornton and across different countries.

Pran holds a PhD (IFRS/ISA) specialises in complex technical accounting and auditing standards applications. He is an Active Technical Researcher on IFRS/ISA and has published his research (reporting quality) on highly reputable international journals. He has also supervised a number of PhDs on related topics to completion.

He is the partner in charge of all technical assignments of our firm including audit of anti-money laundering and countering terrorism financing systems and procedures. He has by now conducted a significant number of assignments on the implementation of IFRSs including IFRS 9, 17, 16 and AML/CFT audit.